relating to or extending over a limited period (Freq. 2)

short-run planning


a short-term lease


short-term credit

Syn: ↑short-term
Similar to: ↑short

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\\ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\ adjective
Etymology: short run
1. : of or relating to a relatively brief period of time

short-run planning

short-run thinking

2. : only partially filled with molten metal — used of a mold or casting

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/shawrt"run'/, adj.
happening or presented for a short period of time: a short-run motion picture.

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short-run «SHRT RUHN», adjective.
for or lasting a brief time: »

Four steps—one a short-run corrective measure and three for the long pull—should be promptly taken (Harper's).

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adj. taken or considered over a short time period; short-term

the short-run impact appears to be positive

Printing produced in or relating to a print run of relatively few copies

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short-run adj, always used before a noun

short-run benefits [=benefits that will exist or continue for a short period of time]

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